Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my two cents

     I didn't want this blog to become a dumping ground for all the ramblings that go on in my head day after day. I had high hopes that I would/could be crafty enough to provide you with daily ideas to encourage your creative minds. It seems my hopes for an inspirational blog are lost... at least for the moment (or maybe even the next few months).

--- Commence dumping ---
    You see, right now I am planning the most fabulous backyard wedding of all times (see blog post #3)... however, I am also house hunting, working two jobs, taking classes to finish up my masters degree in May, and completing my master's thesis at the same time. Now I know I am not the first woman in the world to undergo all of these tasks simultaneously... it just feels like that some days! I would much rather spend all of my days crafting ingenious plans for the wedding or planning exactly what paint will cover which walls in the rooms of a house I don't even own yet... but there are more important things (like a thesis) with looming deadlines that must be conquered first.

   I promise more fun updates about wedding planning shenanigans soon. In the mean time, I hope this sneak peak of our DIY save the dates will tide you over :)

   so "backyard wedding" i can't even stand it!

i'm just sayin'

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