Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Registry Shmegistry

    So, future hubby and I have not registered anywhere yet because I am totally afraid we might register for something that will be discontinued before October. However, we have walked around a billion stores on "date night" commenting on certain items(when I say we, I mean me), i.e.:  "Oh I love that blanket, it would look so cute on our couch". (the couch we don't have yet). FH just goes along with it, occasionally throwing out an "oh yeah" to keep me complacent I think.
    The one item we actually have discussed as far as registries go is dinnerware. And, we have found that we have very different likes and dislikes when it comes to the things we will be eating off of the rest of our lives.
   You may be surprised to find that FH (Mr. practical, Mr. 'simple is better') has expressed interest in decorative dishes... like these little babies.
    I, on the other hand, have been leaning towards a more streamline, plane jane dish. Now, I know what you are thinking...
"WHAT? Ashley is the most colorful girl on the block... 
her middle name is 'brightly colored accessory', 
she is the definition of the word 'pattern'."
   Well, not so my friend. Not when it comes to dinnerware... and I'll tell you why: I have very fickle opinions. I wish I could boast that I have no trouble making up my mind, but the harsh reality is... I can NEVER make up my mind... on anything really.

(*I would probably have a tattoo by now if I could ever settle on something I wouldn't mind seeing on my body forever...which there is nothing).

   The truth is, I am never in love with something for that long (except Jesus and future hubby, those guys just stick with me). I would hate to get dinnerware for our wedding from wonderful family members and friends and then become disenchanted with it in a few years. Nope, I want something I am certain I will love after 75 years of marriage... and then some. My thought is: "I can always accessorize with colorful tablecloths and colorful food".

   So... want to know what we decided on? (it's my blog, so I can tell you anyway!)
The perfect combination of simple, yet not boring: the pfaltzgraff Heritage collection

And (bum bum bum bum!), the best part of it is: I got 8 coffee mugs and 8 saucers, 6 dessert plates, one chip and dip plate, and a gravy boat from the Pfaltzgraff Heritage collection at the thrift store today for only $23.00

true story.

Monday, February 08, 2010

DIY fancy disco ball

It's that time of year again... the time for church youth group fundraising! Fundraising is probably my least favorite activity in the world (aside from eating brussel sprouts...sorry mom); however, I love being a youth sponsor at my church and I adore the kiddos... so I don't mind helping out. Well, more than help out... I'm in charge! How did this happen?
    Truth be told, it seems I may have some sickness called "nobody can do things exactly the way i want them done so i never delegate and i micromanage". Pretty serious situation... hope I'm not in over my head!
    This year we are planning our Second Annual Valentine's Banquet; the theme is 70's. The wheels are turning in my crafty little brain already, particularly because of our tight budget.

First project on the table:  DIY Disco Ball

I couldn't see the sense in spending money on a disco ball that we would use only one time... so I set out to make one.

      1. Bouncy ball from Wal-mart
          (You may be wondering why I didn't use a styrofoam ball?
           Well, styrofoam is much more expensive and comes in
            limited sizes...the bouncy ball is light, large,
            and best of all.... CHEAP!)
      2. Silver spray paint        
          (I used silver metallic for this stuff must
           run in the family
      3. Adhesive   
          (Modge Podge, found at any craft store)
      4. Glitter   
          (found at any craft store)
      5. String, safety pin....anything to hang the ball with.

START by rigging up a hook to hang your disco ball from. I used a safety pin and, after a little bit of grunt work, managed to hook it into the "skin" of the ball without going too deep (never having worked with a bouncy ball of this magnitude, I wasn't sure what would happen if I punctured  all the way through....probably  deflation and possibly an exploding rubber ball... EEK! I chose to err on the safe side). You can also attach a string using duct tape, but I wanted to avoid bumps.

(hmm...not the prettiest hook, but it does the job!)

THEN begin spraying the ball ... it may take a few coats to cover the bright color of the ball (be sure you've covered all surrounding surfaces with a drop cloth to protect them). I thought about hanging the ball while painting it... but the spray paint dried quickly enough that I was able to coat all sides numerous times in just 10 minutes; just be patient before you roll the ball to paint another side.

NEXT, coat your silver ball with an adhesive. I used Modge Podge, but you can use any type of liquid adhesive. Coat small sections at a time...

THEN cover the wet adhesive with glitter. Repeat this process, modge podge-ing and then glittering, until the ball is completely covered.

*Notice the poster board under the ball? That's so I can easily return excess glitter to the container :)

Once that dries... brace yourself for a super sparkly, extra large disco ball -  ready to be hung for a 70's party!

The 70's party isn't until this weekend, so I won't have pics of this baby in action until next week... I just couldn't wait to try my hand at glittering.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gym-tastic MWBF (most wonderful best friend) Tiffany got me interested in The Little Gym franchise when she started working there....2 years ago?? Not quite sure how long she has been there....nevertheless, the trend in our friendship makes it seem like we are attached at the hip...or maybe the heart.... and can't be parted, since we seem to engage in almost every life activity together as of late. SO... in the spirit of keeping with tradition, I began working at the same Little Gym with her almost 6 months ago. Big surprise there! Actually, I just wanted to give a shout-out to Tiff, for bringing me to The Little Gym.... and a shout-out to The Little Gym, for being the most awesome children's gym ever.

"Motor skill development made fun builds confidence that leads to a lifetime of success!"

true story.