Sunday, March 07, 2010

house hunting

     So... today was a super exciting day because Mr. and I got to play "perspective home buyers" and look at a possible future home! I was really nervous because you never know what you might see when entering someone's home. I am embarrassed to say that I had driven by the home several times in the past few weeks, slowing down in front to see if I might be able to peer in and see something of importance inside. No luck on the "peering", but I'm pretty sure I scared some of the neighbors with my sketchy "scoping out" skills (take a moment to enjoy that sweet alliteration).
     It was a relief, then, to finally be able to see inside this possible future home; which until now had remained unknown territory - my drive-by's had only given me glimpses of the front and a partial side view of the backyard.... (haha, typing this makes me realize how much of a peeping tom I really was!).
    Fortunately for Mr. and myself, my mom and dad were able to come with us to look at the house. My dad is the expert on.... well, just about everything and my mom.... well, let's just say I didn't realize how much her opinion meant to me until today, when I kept looking at her to see what she was thinking (instead of looking at Mr., who would be the one actually living in the home with me!). I hadn't even seen the house yet but had already been losing sleep over what mom and dad might think of the place (haha, silly girl, always losing sleep over something).
    Good news! The house had good "bones" and would require only cosmetic work to become our fabulous abode. Plus, the neighborhood and surround area is really great, which makes me feel better about our possible future investment.
  Next step? A waiting game to see if the price is right!

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  1. Hey Ashley! Thought I'd drop in after you started following my blog and I wish you god luck on your house hunting! It's incredibly stressful, but totally worth it. Remember if things go downhill it is for a reason, something better is always just around the corner!

    Our house was a disaster when we got it, but it to had good "bones" and we love it because the work we put in lets it make it be OUR home, not someone else's!

    Best of luck again!