Thursday, October 01, 2009

Born and Raised… in V.I.R.G.I.N.I.A

Hey Ya’ll! Want to know a little more about me?

Here it goes… 

My name is Ashley.  

date nights   July 2009 021
I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia

I live with my parents (until my wedding in October)
    Weddings 013
    *Mom and Dad let me move back home after college for free

      I’ll have my masters in Speech-Language Pathology in May.
      I have a wonderfully patient fiancé who is my rock and my reason,
        particularly when it comes to my not-so-common-sense way of
        getting things done...
        lets just say I typically "leap before I look"!

        I love God with all my heart; I know I'm not perfect, but I try to live my life by a few simple words because of all that God has done for me:
          “Love your neighbor as yourself”
          “A person’s a person, no matter how small”

          (the second one’s not from God…duh… but from Dr. Seuss, and still applicable)

          me, in a nutshell:
          (not walnut shell, though,  i'm allergic to those)

          the absolute opposite of "easy going" 
          lover of  shells and cheese  

          detests crushed velvet, anything paisley print, and rice krispies treats
          i wear my heart on my sleeve.... and my thoughts on my face 
          i struggle with forgiving others 
            i think i'm loyal... maybe to a fault, and that might be the death of me one day
          give me a good book, a cup of earl, and a squooshy window seat and i'm in heaven
                 keeper of a messy room

          These are a few of my favorite WEDDING things…

          needing some wedding inspiration?

          here are a few all of my most favorite fabulous wedding blogs:

          (i may or may not choose to blog-stalk them over showering some mornings… maybe.)


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          Marry you Me