Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have a confession.
actually, it's more of an announcement.

I was cleaning out my bathroom bins last night... 
- throwing away old makeup
- chucking dried up nail polish
- weighing pros and cons of keep 5 majillion half used hair product bottles (what?! i might use them one day!)
etc, etc.

anywho.... i'd like to report this embarrassing  funny finding

go ahead... take a closer look

yup, you're seeing clearly.... that's 4 tweezers and 6 pairs of nail clippers


i know for a FACT that i have 2 more tweezers and 1 pair of nail clippers in my car as we speak!

Who needs this many tweezers and clippers?

I'm not Chewbacca

though I wouldn't mind being best friends with Harrison Ford.... *giggle, snort*
(no offense future hubby)

How did this happen?
two words:


dun dun DUN!!!!!

I NEVER used to be this out of sorts.
forgetful, messy, unorganized, buying new nail clippers because I really needed to trim a hangnail but could find any of the other 5 pairs...

embarrassing, to say the least
 I loaded those photos up so fast, my blog didn't have a chance to blink.
because i wanted it to be public... 
hopefully in sharing my "i can't find it so i'll buy a new one" sickness I can prevent this from happening again.

on a happier note:

I found my retainer!!!

(*yes, she is still in one piece and relatively clean....
...and yes, she IS glow in the dark blue!)

and this morning my teeth are aching so badly i half expect them to jump right out
of my mouth and run away screaming to find a better home (maybe the elderly lady down the street?)
.... I guess that's what happens when (cover your ears dad) you don't
wear it for 5 years and then try to jam it back into your mouth.

side-note people: TEETH CHANGE

i'm just sayin'

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  1. You are too funny. Now I have to run up stairs and make sure I'm not in the same position...I think I have at least 3 pairs of nail clippers. Oh no!