Monday, September 13, 2010



We won our first game!!




more photos and details to come….

if we keep winning, that is.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Progress on the ‘turn a house to a home’ frontier

Chris and I bought a house at the end of June.

Here’s Chris mailing our first mortgage payment.

Yikes, that was painful.



While I’m not living there yet

(we’re waiting until we get married to move in together)

there’s no rule that says I have to wait

until we’re married to make it fabulous!


I don’t really have any amazing photos yet of the transformation;

they’ll come later in a big reveal!


but for now…

here is one corner of the living room:

This is a big chair that some friends of my parents gave to us.

My 2 favorite paintings are on the wall behind it

I can’t, for the life of me, find a lampshade long enough to fit this tall lamp properly.



here is my fabulous green chair from world market

along with the green lamps I spray painted earlier



and now begins the process of removing hideous wallpaper

and applying a bazillion coats of primer

to cover over red paint in the kitchen …


Chris vs. Wallpaper


ps: comes of much nicer with a heavy-duty steamer, but still a very tedious process.


me vs. primer

the primer won…. this time.

(eek…crazy eyes!)



by the way, that little bit of primer was hiding on my elbow

(in the shape of a heart, I might add)

for at least 24 hours after I’d showered

I wonder what clients at work thought?

why didn’t anyone tell me!!!

and how did I not notice it when I brushed my

teeth or did my hair that morning?


silly paint.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some Rascal Flatts Goodness

Hey Y’all!

Things have been crazy lately.

And while ‘crazy’ around here usually means lots of juicy things to blog about…

this type of ‘crazy’ means all my free time has been sucked up by the wedding and working monsters, leaving nothing for the socializing and blogging monsters in my life (so to speak).

what?! you don’t have monsters?

moving on.

Chris surprised me, oh… about a month and a half ago (remember the time sucking monsters I mentioned?), with tickets to see Rascal Flatts in concert!

It. Was. Amazing!

this is us in our seats. yup, big spenders.


pardon my ginormous hips in the photo below.

after seeing this photo i will promptly burn that shirt. 


the opening acts: Chris Young and Kellie Pickler

IMG_0122      IMG_0125 

IMG_0139      IMG_0149 

I’m not a big concert-go-er…but I’d go see them in concert again in a heartbeat!