Saturday, January 23, 2010

Location, location, location...

I had always imagined myself marrying in a church...

    However, when the time came to choose a location for our magical wedding ceremony I found myself in a pickle. You see, my church meets in a rented school building because we don't have a building of our own. Nobody wants to get married in a shabby school gym though! Fortunately, my uber smart mum suggested having the ceremony and reception at our family home. SQUEEL! I told you she was smart!
     Our home sits on a fairly secluded plot of four acres in Chesapeake, VA:
...lots of space for wedding day shenanigans,

and loads of beautiful gardens (I can't take any credit for these)!
So the dreaming and scheming began....was it possible? was it logical? was it practical?
We'll find out soon enough, I guess?!


  1. You are too cute :)

  2. Hey girl - if you're still looking for someone to help with wedding planning, even day-of coordinator, I'm starting my own wedding planning company and I'd love to help out! We did a backyard wedding too so if you need some help filtering through all the caterers and rental vendors, etc. etc. etc. let me know! I can at least give you my recommendations!