Thursday, June 03, 2010

let me catch you up…

These two lamps came home with me from the thrift store ($3 each)

I’m spray-painting them bright green.



safety first!

ignore the boxes in the background… I’m MOVING!

(but there’s always time for green spray-paint)



also, it’s basically summer here in Virginia Beach.

as usual, we go from 60’s to 100’s in about 5 days.

we don’t mess.

but, these little cuties are growing.


I wish I could say the fuzzy-ness is all from the geese…

but unfortunately that’s camera user-error.


they let me get very close…

until big papa spotted me!


then sized me up…


then gave me a tongue lashing


(haha, ok sorry, that was corny)

but they’re still cute



and there was a beach day with my good friend Tiffany


a beach day that has been in the planning since,

well, probably 3 years ago when we started graduate school :)


this little fella came out to relax too




and there was also a wedding in Roanoke, VA

I don’t know why, but I always take a picture of Chris driving when we go on roadtrips…


Here he is telling me to “put my camera away” because “the battery will run out” and I “didn’t bring a back-up one” and it will “run out before we even get to the wedding” and “then I will be sad”.

psh… like he knows anything.

I’m fairly sure I actually made that sound, “PSH”

and I bet there were some facial grimaces as I put my camera away…

but NOT because he told me to and NOT because he was right.


I got to see some good friends…

and eat some Y-U-M-M-Y cake


I’d even dare to say the BEST wedding cake I have ever had.

Each layer was a different flavor

(including strawberry and dreamsicle… I don’t remember the others)


I’m terrible at using my camera in low lighting… so sorry again for the pictures

(plus I was too excited to mess with settings)


My friend’s dress was made using lace from her grandmothers dress!!


what else? hmmm….

oh, and I wore my green dress and yellow polka-dot shoes

green. dress.

yellow. shoes.

enough said.


Chris and I raced back home Saturday night after the wedding so we could be at church on Sunday morning

currently, our church meets in a school building on Sunday mornings…

but we recently built a structure (of sorts) on our property.

pole barn 1   pole barn 2

Sunday was the first Sunday that our “pavillion” was complete so we held service outside.

it was AMAZING





I wish we could worship and fellowship together outside EVERY Sunday…

seriously, if you haven’t ever experienced that… a church that is less Church-y,

I recommend it.

God should be the focus, not the pomp and circumstance that

we typically surround ourselves with in church.


ok, I think we’ve done enough catching up for now.

I can’t wait to show you my new place, and finally reveal all these projects I’ve been working on!


  1. i love the baby geese, and the photo of big daddy yelling to you, too. that cake is the biggest i've ever seen!

  2. Yay for beach days! I'm so glad you will have Fridays off from work so we can go even more this summer!