Saturday, May 01, 2010

the finished product… and a FAB baby shower for a FAB friend!

Remember the sneak peek I showed you of a baby shower gift for my friend Tiffany?

Well, here’s the finished product:


            IMG_0046      IMG_0040  

My first quilt EVER!

My mom made it look so easy…but this was definitely a challenge.

I was so happy, though,  to make this for Tiffany and her first baby, Hunter!

Here are a few more details from the shower:

shower 1

  shower 2

shower 3


            IMG_0052  IMG_0051          IMG_0055    IMG_0072    IMG_0066        


The day before the shower Tiff and I spoiled ourselves with pedicures:

IMG_0047I won’t even go into how hard it was for me to choose a color…..

in the end I chose a “rockin” green,

(the kids at work are fascinated by it and try to poke at my toes to see if it will come off)

  We decided unanimously that we (and all women) need to do that more often…

i’m just sayin’


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! Kudos to you. My son is 6 mo tomorrow and he loves to play on his quilts during tummy time. I'm sure she and her son will soon as well!

  2. That quilt it great! Plus, it's something that the baby will never outgrow. Great shower!

  3. The quilt looks amazing! Great job!

  4. hmmm...I recognize that fabric. :) Wonderful job Ashley.